G.5/3 Mathematics Class

G.5/3 Mathematics class. Reading of the weekly vocabularies was the first task of the students at the beginning of their lesson. Then Mr. Alejo gave a thorough revision of the previous topic by asking the students to identify the parts of a fraction and how to find the answers step-by-step. Next, the teacher introduced how to solve “Improper Fractions to Mix Fractions” one at a time. During the discussion of the new topic, the students were able to answer the exercises on the board. Mr. Alejo guided them during this activity and this helped them comprehend well. To check students understanding of the lesson, they discussed the steps on how to solve Improper Fractions with their peers for about 6 minutes through the SMS strategy. Mr. Alejo then asked the class to solve some problems in their notebooks to check their understanding. A detailed summary of the lesson was done through Q&A at the end of the class.

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